It is 3D, 3D, 3D everywhere. For those who consider 3D Animation their true calling, MAAC is the answer. These well integrated 3D courses is here to transform you from a newbie to a full-fledged 3D Artist, faster, also giving you options to specialize in one of the options like Modeling & Texturing, Lighting & Shading, Animation. It beautifully covers the pre-production, production and post-production stages of animation filmmaking.


Visual Effects have gone far beyond its name in the global market and has been booming in India. With every shot where Visual effects are used makes this segment unavoidable and the need of the hour. If you’re fascinated by the effects of smoke, fire and explosions or maybe you just love films and want a career as a VFX artist? If you have desire of seeing your name up in lights, when the credits roll, on the most critically acclaimed film of the year – Then we have exactly the right courses for you.


For all those who don’t just love playing games but also love knowing, how exactly comes out these wondrous game designs and integrations, we have something that will help rest your curiosity.


The media & entertainment industry is one of the booming sectors in India, strongly driven by increasing digitization & higher internet usage over the last decade. The industry is expected to cross Rs. 227,000 crore by 2018.
Enter this exciting industry with MAAC. At MAAC we design courses, which equip you with necessary creative skills & build your technical knowledge.


Prepare for creative careers. Build a career in web designing, graphics, and print & publishing. MAAC’s multimedia & design courses train you in understanding how images, symbols, words and letters together can be used as an effective means of communication and portray the appropriate message. Join one of our multimedia & design courses and explore opportunities in national and international studios.

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