It is 3D, 3D, 3D everywhere. For those who consider 3D Animation their true calling, MAAC is the answer. These well integrated 3D courses is here to transform you from a newbie to a full-fledged 3D Artist, faster, also giving you options to specialize in one of the options like Modeling & Texturing, Lighting & Shading, Animation. It beautifully covers the pre-production, production and post-production stages of animation filmmaking.

Advanced program in 3D animation

For those who consider 3D animation their true calling, AD3DEDGE Plus is the answer. It covers all the aspects of 3D animation, starting from pre-production to the post production stages of animation.


3D animation filmmaking course

Learn all the aspects of animation to transform from an amateur to a full-fledged 3D artist.

Animation & filmmaking course

A course where you will learn all aspects of animation filmmaking, in just one year.

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