Visual Effects have gone far beyond its name in the global market and has been booming in India. With every shot where Visual effects are used makes this segment unavoidable and the need of the hour. If you’re fascinated by the effects of smoke, fire and explosions or maybe you just love films and want a career as a VFX artist? If you have desire of seeing your name up in lights, when the credits roll, on the most critically acclaimed film of the year – Then we have exactly the right courses for you.

Advanced Program in Visual Effects

Were you surprised by the action sequences of Krrish 3 & Ra.One? Did you imagine being in space while watching Gravity or on the battle field in 300: Rise of an Empire? These were the result of visual effects (VFX) technology and VFX artists.

Visual effects

VFX is the creation of environment and characters in real-life, which are difficult or impossible to create in real life. With an increasing number of Indian movies making use of VFX, it is the coolest and most happening profession currently.

Animation & filmmaking course

From James Bond jumping across roofs to Baahubali fighting an entire army, everything is the magic of post-production. Compositing & editing are the two most important aspects of this process.

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